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Scorpio Zodiac Sign: Love and Personality

Scorpios can be hugely creative, confident and practical, but they can take criticism very personally

The Scorpio is invariably a great pleasure to be within most social situations. If they are able to harness their emotions and turn them into positive energy. 

Personality traits

They can be hugely creative, confident and practical. However, they can take criticism very personally and, if not corrected, can eat away at their insides and build resentment which will eventually be unleashed on their most trusted confidante.

They are usually blessed with great intuition, so can read people very well. This can be a great asset, particularly in the workplace, where they are often suited to roles that involve problem-solving or counseling. They are excellent at discovering the truth, indeed the Scorpio can sometimes appear almost psychic.

The Scorpio does not have a lot of time for indifference, they see things as black or white, right or wrong. Consequently, friendships or relationships can be either very good or very bad. When hurt, the Scorpio can be resentful, even to the point of seeking vengeance. But, providing their basic needs of honesty, trust and passion are met, there is no reason why the Scorpio cannot make a lasting, loving and generous partner.

What it's like to date Scoprio

The Scorpio is known to be the most passionate, erotic and physical lovers. However, they can also be extremely demanding and possessive towards their partner and simply will not tolerate any form of betrayal. The Scorpio male can be a lot slower to commit to a relationship than the female, largely through a fear of rejection.

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The Scorpio woman can be an extremely exciting lover as her passions seemingly know no bounds | Getty Images

They will prefer to keep just a little of their own space in reserve until they are sure. But, once they feel comfortable with a partner, they will not be afraid to express themselves, emotionally or physically.

When the Scorpio woman falls in love, it is usually instant and the relationship can be explosive. The Scorpio woman can be an extremely exciting lover as her passions seemingly know no bounds, but she should not be crossed or deceived for this would unleash very powerful wrath.

They will soon know every quality their partner possesses and every flaw, and she will not hold back from telling you in either case. When she is able to freely express herself within a strong, loving relationship, she will be loving and passionate, although always retaining her individuality.

The Scorpio male is equally intense, but can be more private than the female. He is more likely to put his energies into creativity and pursue it irrespective of financial gain. They may tend to have a few very good friends rather than several acquaintances.

He is seeking a strong life partner and soul mate, more of a combined force of two individuals rather than merging as one. Once he is confident he has found the powerful partner he seeks, he will be quite capable of using his creative energies for the good of the relationship and the family.