Virgo Zodiac sign

Virgo Zodiac Sign: Love and Personality

Virgos are independent, modest, critical and family oriented individuals

Virgo has many positive traits to offer a relationship, notably their practicality and reliability. They are also known for their excellent hygiene, modesty, and adaptability. On the other hand, they can be fussy, conservative and critical by nature, which can call for a great deal of patience from their partner.

Personality traits

Virgos tend to lack a bit of conviction when it comes to decision-making and can sometimes appear emotionally distant. But this is by no means a true reflection of their character as, deep down, they are kind, sympathetic, witty and always willing to help others.

These natives can be overly critical of other personal habits and may alienate otherwise suitable partners through this fastidious approach. Once settled, they are usually very family orientated, comforting, stable and grounded.

The Virgo male can be very independent, even a little headstrong and stubborn. But he can also be a very good listener and is well known for providing that shoulder to cry on. He is drawn to those that need rescuing and feels it gives valuable meaning to his life if he is there to help others. However, he does like his partner to be smart and ambitious and will not hang around indefinitely listening to sob stories.

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These natives are known for their excellent hygiene, modesty, and adaptability | Getty Images

The Virgo female can be a strange mixture of fun and entertainment crossed with a critical, almost hard exterior. They seek perfection and are usually intelligent and strong, but they have a hidden belief in one true lasting love, perhaps something that nobody can ever quite live up to. They need intellectual stimulation and are usually quite astute with money and good practical problem solvers.

What it's like to date a Virgo

Perhaps more than any other sign, it is a question of finding the right match for a Virgo. Once a truly loving connection has been formed with a mutual trust, they are loving, loyal and understanding. When they are committed to a relationship, it can be a great source of pride.

The Virgo can seem to lack real passion, but this is because they only feel comfortable expressing themselves completely when they have reached a very deep level of trust and understanding with a partner. They will rarely pursue a partner based on physical urges, as they are seeking a much more lasting expression of love.

These qualities are invaluable in a relationship and in her business life. However, they are more sensitive than they outwardly like to show, have trouble relaxing and worry far too much. Whilst they like attention in private, they do not generally appreciate a public show of affection and embarrass easily. They need to feel protected and loved.

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Virgos will rarely pursue a partner based on physical urges, as they are seeking a much more lasting expression of love. | Getty Images

Sexually, the Virgo woman may appear a bit of a prude, but this is because they are only truly able to let themselves go when they have that perfect partner. Once she is comfortable with her lover, she can be loving and passionate. There is no doubt that a Virgo woman will appeal to a man who likes a challenge.

The Virgo has very many special qualities to bring to a relationship but, in their need to find perfection, also require a lot of patience and understanding. Ultimately, the Virgo will make the perfect partner for the right person and provide them with an enduring, if sometimes challenging, relationship.